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veterinary online-Definition of anatomy


The branch of biological science that deals with the forms and structures of the organisms ,therefore its treats the body systems and organs and it is in relashion with physiology that treats the function of the body organs.
Anatomy includes:
A- Special Anatomy 
B-Special Anatomy 

Special Anatomy

 the study of particular species of animals Compa

rative Anatomy

 description and cooperation the structures of different types of animals, When the anatomy was study the structures and organs by naked eye termed Gross Anatomy to differentiated from microscopic anatomy or Histology that study the structure of 
the body by microscop

anatomy of chicken


Its a branches of anatomy that study the structures and forms of the domestic animals
There are three methods employed to study Veterinary Anatomy:

Systematic Anatomy 

Study and described the different body systems which similar in origins and structures.they consists of the following parts:
A-Osteology:  Study the bones and cartilages that forms the skeleton.
B-Syndesmology:  Study the joints and tendons.
C-Myology:  Study the muscles and their accessory structures.
D-Splanchnology :  description of the Viscera (digestive ,Respiratory ,Urogenital, and Peritonium)
E-Angiology :  describe the heart ,Arteries, Veins lymphatic vessels and nodes and spleen.
F-Neurology : Study the nervous system.
G-Aesthesiology:  Study the Sense organs.
H-Endocrinology:  study the endocrine glands (Thyriod, Pa rathyroid,Adrena I, Pituta ry,)
I-Common Integument: Whose chief functions are as aprotective envelope of the body( Skin, Hair ....)

Topographic Anatomy

 Indication the relative positions and directions and describetheir structur2s of different body organs.

Applied Anatomy

 Study the anatomical facts of the different body structures and their relations with other medical sciences as ( surgery, Clinical diagnosis)

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