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veterinary online: Scapula bone

Scapula bone
 Scapula bone


Bones together, flat and asymmetric. It forms with the clavicle shoulder girdle.


It is located on the posterior surface of the rib cage, pressed against the ribs 7 and 2. 
It is structured:
  • with the clavicle upwards and inwards by the articular surface of the acromion.
  • top outside forward by the glenoid with the humeral head.
  • There is a syssarcose between the anterior and posterior of the scapula of the rib cage.


Point downwards, forward concavity, smooth pear shaped outwards.

General anatomical shape

  • Bone thin, triangular, it has three edges, two faces, 3 pools and 3 angles:
    • Edges: upper, lateral or axillary, medial or spinal.
    • Faces: anterior or costal or dorsal posterior.
    • Septic: supra and infra thorny on the posterior surface, subscapular to the front.
    • Angles: greater than (2nd side), medium (4th side), lower (7th coast).
  • The glenoid cavity is pear-shaped having an angle of anteversion with respect to the body.
  • Presence of a fibro-cartilage at the periphery of the glenoid, the labrum. Triangular cutting, it increases the concavity of the cavity.

Palpable landmarks

  • The spine
  • the acromion
  • the lower tip
  • the medial
  • the coracoid process.


  • Suprascapular nerve: in the transverse ligament
  • Suprascapular artery: above the transverse ligament
  • Circumflex artery of scapula


  • Fracture of the scale of the scapula (no downtime).
  • Fracture of the neck of the scapula (shoulder surgery may be necessary).
  • Scapula alata in paralysis of the serratus anterior.
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