Sunday, October 28, 2012

veterinary online-CATTLE MANAGEMENT

care of newly born calf :
1-directly after birth umbilical cord is cut by clean knife at 2 cm form abdominal wall then soaked in iodine solution
2-dam must lick the calf to dry the calf and stimulate breathing 
if dam is exhausted lead to the calf should be placed at dam haed to lick it 
remove mucus frome mouth and nose 

3-calf will attempt to stand up :
strong calf will stand in 20-30 minutes
weak calf will stand in 2 hours or more 
4-new born calf must drink colostrum as soon as possible after bith (within the first 18 hours after birth )and its the first birth and lasts for 4 days . and the  importance of colostrum :
a-its contains protein 10 times 
b-its contains vitamins 5 times as normal milk 
c-its act as laxative to clean the intestine of calf frome meconium 
d- its contains maternal antibodies which protect calf against infection during early life 


 its maintain their popularity because of :
1-ease of feeding and maintaining of cattle 
2-ability to adopt to climatic conditions of cattle 
3-hardiness can withstand digestive and lung troubles of cattle 
4-economic to raise give high amount of work cattle 
5-can be applied to variety of work cattle 
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