Wednesday, October 24, 2012

veterinary online-MANAGEMENT of broodmare

1-age of puberty: when filly comes into estrus (1-3 years)
2-age of maturity: when mare could be served (3-4 years)
3-estrus cycle: interval between 2 estrus (3 Weeks)
MANAGEMENT of broodmare

4-heat(estrus period): its period happen during which the mare receptive to stallion (2-9 days) and show behavior signs of estrus:

a-general irritability 
b-frequent urination in small quantities 
c-allowing stallion to smell and bite
d-mucous discharge from vulva 
e-straddling stand: mare stand with its hind legs slightly apart ,raising its tail lowering its pelvis and showing some of mucous membranes lining the vagina 
f-winking: labial muscle contraction 
g-if mare is fully in estrus she will accept the stallion 

5-foaling heat: first heat after foaling (7-11 days after parturition) 

6-breeding season: natural breeding season in spring and summer (period of increased day light)
7-ovulation: occurs (1-2 days )before end of heat
8- gestation period: period from conception till foaling (the most breeds 330 days and arab breed 335 days)
9-breeding life span: the age after which breeding should be stopped (18-20 years)
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