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veterinary doctors
Animals can be treated only by qualified veterinary doctors who have special 
character% Do? Baths, except when the owner himself can diagnose and treat their own animals, or any person who provides first aid animal accidents. Owners of kennels, 
trainers and people who work in animal care, act illegally if they are diagnosed and prescribe medication or use it themselves (including homeopathic and other similar means) in relation dogs, which they do not possess.
In the UK six veterinary colleges. Every year more than 300 new veterinarians pouring into the ranks of approximately 6,000 already working professionals in various areas of veterinary practice.
At graduation graduate became a member of the Royal College of veterinary surgeons. A veterinarian UK address as follows: Mr. or Mrs., unless they have earned the highest degree of doctor of philosophy, then given the right to the prefix Doctor. In many other countries all veterinary doctors called "doctor" regardless of whether they have a Ph.D. -or not. Some veterinary doctors earn poslevypusknuyu qualification specialist dermatology or orthopedics, ophthalmology and anesthesia.
veterinary hospital
Each veterinary hospital, which is operated either by one person or a few partners, who have a number of assistants and the appropriate personnel represents a kind of business. Fees veterinary workers identified, but there is at the state level due to the scale of payments. In most hospitals, you can see the list of services and fees incurred.
It should be noted that the difference is to pay for services in different medical institutions, which may reflect the quantity and quality of available equipment and also offer additional services and the number of qualified staff, who has the care of animals. Of course, in charge impact area of the country in which the hospital. Yes, in London, in 
the south of England and in the counties located around the capital, therapy dog cost much more.
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