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Animal Ear Diseases, Diseases of the ear, Signs of the Diseases in animal, Inflammation of the ear in animal

Animal Ear Diseases, Diseases of the ear, Signs of the Diseases in animal, Inflammation of the ear in animal

Diseases of the ear are very common in all small animals. 

Animal Ear Diseases

Hematoma ear

accumulation of blood under the skin to form a cavity with rupture of blood vessels.

Causes and characterized

trauma, bites, scratches. Hematoma often occurs on the inner ear. It is characterized by swelling, tenderness, fluctuant animal tilts his head to the side of the patient ear.
When providing first aid bandage, oppressive, later on 3-4-day, when formed thrombus, hematoma revealing and conduct appropriate surgical treatment. According to testimony prescribe antibiotics.

Eczema and dermatitis ear

a disease often accompanied simultaneously defeat the external auditory canal (inflammation of the outer ear).

Causes and Signs of the disease

a manifestation of eczema in other parts of the body, getting foreign bodies, mites, chemicals hitting, scratching, development of inflammatory processes.Signs of the disease manifested as redness, itching, swelling of the skin, the appearance of fluid with an unpleasant odor. Chairman of the animal keeps its side, shaking ears and combed ears. In chronic cases, there warty rozroschennya.


should be aimed at removing accumulated fluid by wiping a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, with warm soapy water or 3% it soda solution. We must avoid getting water in the ears. Wet wipe is astringent drugs: 2% solution of silver nitrate, 2-3% solution pioktaninu, 3 -5% solution of picric acid, 30% solution albutsida, 3% solution of boric acid. You can handle the ear ointment consisting of two parts of zinc oxide and starch and one part lanolin and petroleum jelly.If there is intense itching, you can use kardizol 0.1 g orally 1 - 3 times a day, as well as complex drops (Novocain - 1 g, menthol - 1 g, 70% alcohol-tion - 100 ml). </ P>Strong thickening of the skin of the ear warty rozroschennya requires surgical intervention.Ulcer develops due to ear bites, scratches without their tendency to healing. Ulcer, usually bleeding, the animal shakes ears, head keeps obliquely.
Treatment For the treatment of ulcer surface and around vystryhayut hair, then treated with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, remove the peel and put ointment Solcoseryl. For faster cleaning ulcer surface appropriate use of proteolytic enzymes (profezina, himiotrinsina).


Inflammation of the ear (otitis). There inflammation of the external, middle and inner ear.

Causes and characterized

mechanical damage zapolzaniya insect buildup in the ear canal of sulfur in the form of "sulfuric plugs" defeat scabies appearance boils, eczema, dermatitis and fungal diseases. Diseases of the middle and inner ear is usually the result of local or general infection.accompany or precede They rhinitis, pharyngitis and Qatar eustachian tube, which should be considered for treatment after a detailed clinical and laboratory research and definitive diagnosis.
In practice in large cities with significant accumulation pets most common inflammation of the middle ear catarrhal and purulent nature. It is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane first, then all the tissues of the middle ear, copious pus and can sometimes end perforated eardrum.
Diseases accompanied by fever, depression, loss of appetite, inclination of the head towards the patient ear, in some cases, paralysis of the facial nerve (hanging down ears, lips skewed). If there was a perforation of the eardrum, is excessive leakage of pus.


In the treatment should be prescribed antibiotics or sulfonamides. Local treatment should be aimed at removing fluid and applying a 3% alcoholic solution of boric acid, 3% solution of salicylic acid, 10% solution yodoformennoho ether, which has a high therapeutic effect.
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