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Obesity in birds, Obesity in animal, affects of obesity in animal


The disease occurs with profound violation of metabolic processes and is accompanied by excessive accumulation of fat in various organs, especially in the subcutaneous tissue.
bird internal anatomy-Obesity in birds
There obesity in birds mainly through habit overeat malnutrition: excessive intake of food and a lack of - another of the sedentary lifestyle.Obesity arises in low thyroid function when disrupted other endocrine glands.


Obesity in birds-Obesity in birds
1-Birds suffering from obesity, rounded body shape, chest and abdomen easily detected layer of fat. Birds sluggish, apathetic. They have a general weakness, they quickly get tired, so basically sit. Male canaries stop singing.

circulatory system birds-Obesity in birds
2-With obesity affects the entire body, but before everything starts to suffer cardiovascular system.Increased vascular bed due to excess adipose tissue fat accumulation in the heart, the growth of the body, causing stress on the heart becomes more - it all makes it work. In birds, shortness of breath, even with mild exertion. Flying a bit, they breathe, open beak.

respiratory system birds-Obesity in birds-Obesity in birds
3-Obesity contributes to inflammation in the respiratory organs of birds. Fat deposits interfere with the normal operation of the stomach and intestines. The birds frequent constipation.
anatomy OF liver in Bird-Obesity in birds
4-In birds, especially parrots, canaries, finches and Shcheglov increases liver. 
 In the dead of obesity parrots liver is very soft and friable, white or yellowish.Having skin diseases. There is covered with feathers, bare space.


Obesity in birds-cannabis-Obesity in birds
1-One of the main tools to combat obesity - proper nutrition. Reduce the number given to normal poultry feed. From diet excluding fat mealy feed: cannabis, canaries, oatmeal,
Canaries, obese patients, the best few days feed grain mixture, and give them wild turnip, alternating it with white breadcrumbs.
2-Every day unlimited birds give greens, fruits and vegetables, especially raw: they minimize the formation of fat in the body, reducing its deposition, reduce conversion of carbohydrates into fat.Constipation cure drugs mentioned above.
nervous system of Bird-Obesity in birds
3-Of great importance in the treatment of obesity with methods that increase the tone of the central nervous system, increase metabolism in the body and increase its energy costs. These methods include a variety of physical activities. Therefore, feeding a complete diet should be combined with such loads.
4-Each day, the birds should be provided free. It must fly at least 2:00. It is desirable to relocate it to a more spacious cage, which would trapeze, swings etc. Bathing should also be daily.
Obesity in birds
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