Monday, January 28, 2013

Green food of rabbit, diet of rabbit

Summer in the diet of rabbit have enough green fodder: Mash-up grass and herbaceous plants, especially dandelions, plantain and lanceolate, yarrow, cow parsnip normal and Chickweed. creeping clover and 
food of rabbit
grass and alfalfa to bloom, however, should fed in small quantities. Burkun not fed because contains too much coumarin, which can have a negative impact on blood coagulation.
Early spring gradually begin to feed animals greens. The best thing to mix a small amount of green feed hay.
diet of rabbit
 Although the rabbit will pull and is mostly stems and leaves, though he eats them very little. If green feed seems not clean, wash it. Do not feed grass that grows near roads and meadows, located near the site of accumulation of cars that emit exhaust gases. 
digestive system of rabbit-Green food of rabbit
Until the winter remains fresh Starry. This plant can also withstand negative temperatures several degrees. Rabbits eat this plant happy. Hay and green fodder offered in feeders, closed above an inclined wooden lid that prevents rabbits climb inside.
Green food of rabbit, diet of rabbit
 If winter and summer there enough green fodder can feed different types meshanok (from different leaves to tsikornoho salad and lettuce). Too many mash-up can cause dyspepsia.

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