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Selection of male and female dormice

Selection of male and female dormice
Selection of male and female dormice

When breeding Sonja fan should strive to get their high quality, healthy offspring. To do this, right on time to pick up a male and a female, and prepare them for reproduction. First of all, animals have to be fed, but not fatted. The degree of fatness of animals can be installed in appearance: by feeling and by weighing. As shown, among females too stodgy growing number of dysfunctional labor - more stillbirths and weak calves. Out fed animals bring small litters, pups born typically small, weak and underdeveloped.
Young animals for breeding is best to choose from multiple year old dairy and healthy females. Male and female should have good appearance, shiny coat, with well-defined color and contrast. Only such animals can transmit to posterity good hereditary qualities.
Selection of male and female dormice

Sexual activity in males is different, it depends on hereditary characteristics, feeding and age. Good, nutrition positively affects the activity of males and females. In addition, males have participated in mating, covering more females than young males. Sometimes it happens that the female is in the hunt, but secured her male can not cover it. In this case, the females take a seat over active male.
In preparing couples should consider age animals. If young females may be covered by males of all ages, young males require a special approach. Power couples consisting of young males and females over the age of two years less than in pairs with odnovikovymy partners.
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It also happens creatures matched by age, but they do not mate and do not generate offspring. What measures in this case can be done? The first few days, the animals should be kept in the same cell, separated by a transparent partition. The same method of separation can be done if a male with a female come often quarrel. After two or three weeks of separation wall divides the cell is removed, and the creatures usually mate. 
The easiest way to make a couple of young animals. Often before their transplant with total cells they form pairs that are in the best relationship with each other. Sony can live together until the last days of life.It is also important to never forget that the beast that lives a long time alone, considers himself "master" cells and almost always tries to protect its territory from invasion stranger, even if he belongs to the opposite sex.
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Before pairing in mature females appear estrus and hunting. Estrus - period of sexual excitement is animal that comes with a certain cycle. During estrus was repeated several times and lasts 2 - 5 days. This picture is complicated by pregnancy. In addition, during the breeding season depends on climatic conditions and seasons. Periods of increased sex drive and most successful mating females with males continue to Sonja after waking from hibernation with a peak in mid-summer. The onset time of mating can be easily determined by the behavior of animals. Sonia become extremely active males observed courting a female, he chases her around the cage, often loud and makes sounds. During mating the female poor appetite, she is always looking for something, throwing food.
Hunting - a part of the heat, which increases the willingness of females "to mate. During estrus the maturation of the follicle and ovulation in the birth canal - physiological and morphological changes that contribute to the promotion of sperm, fertilization and embryo consolidation in uterine horn. In the ready to mate females and males, external genitals become more noticeable swell and turn pink. The male stands out sharply penis that is big enoughdistance from the anus. The female gender gap is almost beside the anus and well marked.
Period hunt define relationships with females and males. If the female is in the hunt, and the male is not ready to mate, she goes after him, sniffs it, then escapes from the male or discourages it sounds and grin.
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The process of pairing Sonja usually watch fails. Within an hour, going up to 15-20 acts mating.Meanwhile capture this concept as accurately as possible. For this purpose you need to carefully inspect the cage in the morning with animals. Fact mating animals can learn by circumstantial evidence - in the cage you can sometimes find pieces of wool, as well as in females does not occur the next estrus. This feature often shows her pregnancy. Females can stay with a male as long as no pregnant. As soon as the signs of pregnancy, you need to otsadit prepared for growing young cage.
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