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All Spitz in the house, cage of Spitz

All Spitz in the house, cage of Spitz
All Spitz in the house, cage of Spitz

Before purchasing a puppy should prepare a place where he will feel at home. It may just be corner, protected from drafts. Place puppy should not be on the aisle, where it can interfere. Many Spitz, who live in the apartment, very fond of sleeping at the balcony door. If the dog is healthy, she could not prevent it. The litter can be used are sold in pet stores dog baskets, etc., can make their own litter. The main thing is that it can be erased. You can prepare several variables pillowcases to be kept clean. Many Spitz prefer to sleep on the bare floor. In any case, the floor cleaner in your home, the purer your pet's fur.
Spitz in the house

For Spitz very convenient place can serve as a cell or portable plastic box at the bottom of a mat or mattress postelenyy. Small dog resting in that box will be completely safe. You it is not offensive. Closed when you are not in a cage, the puppy does not pohryz things and conduct, not cause themselves injury.Good to boxing was portable - so you can bring it to an exhibition of his pet. Cage is extremely useful if you have multiple Spitz sexes. You can temporarily isolate one of the dogs. It's really very convenient.Think not only that cell - a monstrous building, and all who hold them dogs - sadists. Of course, keep dogs in cages constantly should not. But the temporary restriction of freedom in a comfortable box after a good hearty walking and feeding the favorite will quietly rest in personal bedroom. A dog that is in a cage on the road and at the show feels much calmer and safer. And the owner in such a situation the handsfree. He did not have to shy from Spitz from larger and not always favorably inclined dogs.

puppy in cage, Spitz in the house
It is important to teach your dog carefully to stay in boxing. Cage should not be a prison. With Spitz to walk, play, socialize and, of course, do not keep in the cage constantly. You can not ban puppy to move freely around the apartment (except for some periods of time). Schooling to stay in boxing should be gradual. In an open cage with comfortable bedding can occasionally unnoticed puppy underlay pieces of delicious, fragrant delicacy.
Cage must be associated with a pleasant, restful stay. If finding the puppy in a cage is not categorical rejection - try to shut it down for a short time, periodically opening the door, giving treats, and again closed. Periods spent in closed cell gradually increase, by rewarding good behavior dog. But in any case do not encourage barking and scratching! If the puppy is actively resisting staying in the cage - try to feed him there, closing only at feeding time, and open the door before he begins to ask himself. Your task - to encourage the puppy granting freedom only if he behaves quite well. You can give a dog a bone is in a cage. If you act slowly and persistently, with fiction - you're sure to reach her, and your dog will be happy to nap in the cage with the door open while you're at work.
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