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Types of cows, Most important about cow

Apparently, cows the most important on Earth Pets and farmanimals. They Occur on tour This wild bull lived in meadows and deciduous forests of Europe and Asia. In the XVII century it disappeared.Homemade cows can be divided into two major groups, the one
 America cow, Types of cows
is high as hump, withers, in other ce there. Humpback cow called zebu. Frequently they are in South and Southeast Asia,were brought to South America and Africa. They bred and bezhorbyh cows, as well as on other continents.Cows and bulls provide people especially meat and milk.they are used for heavy work. Some breeds are focused on milk production, others - meat. Still others give the meat and milk,and are drawing force. In Europe today, you can hardly seethe bull-drawn cart or plow. But in the Third World bulls still play an important role.Habitat people:highlands or plain, climatic
 Europe cow, Types of cows
conditions:the tropics or northern latitude prompted once rights for the withdrawal of different breeds of cows. The most famous breed of cattle in Europe: black, red and white, white, anhelnskaya (Anhlerskaya), Simmental, brown, hintervaldskaya (Black Forest
mountain), red, Charolais, Limousin, hsrefordekaya, Scottish mountain, lonhhornskaya Texas.
 Africa cattle, Types of cows
In black and white cow breeds mass reaches 700 kg, and the mass of the bull 1200 kg. Black and white cow gives a year up to 6000 liters of milk.
 Russia cow, Types of cows
In Russia, an area which in most cases can hardly be called a mountain, and the more mountainous, the most common dairy Yaroslavl, holmohorskaya, Danish Red, Red Steppe, ostfrizskaya and antelnskaya. Annual milk yield of these cows 3,000 4,000 liter fat at about 4%. By the combination of rocks, that simultaneously gives milk and meat are Kostroma, Simmental,Schwyz, red hill-Kotovskogo shorthornov, red and variegated German.
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