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Diabetes in birds, Diabetes mellitus in animal, Treatment of Diabetes mellitus in animal

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs
Diabetes mellitus or sugar mocheyznurenye due to lack of insulin in the body.


diabetes in cats and Diabetes mellitus in animal
a hormone of the pancreas - reduces blood sugar levels, delaying the breakdown of glycogen - polysaccharide formed by residues of glucose and thereby increases the use of glucose by cells.

Insulin deficiency 

diabetes consequences and Diabetes  mellitus in animal
is an excessive production of glucose from the cells. It is not digested, and content in the blood rises. increases and providing it with urine.Elevated levels of glucose, or as they say here, sugar in the blood leads to a shift of the acid-base balance in the body upward anions (negatively charged ions) acids. As a result of growing intoxication, or otherwise - toxemia, from the Greek word "talk sykon" - "poison." This in turn leads to disruption of water and mineral metabolism.Increased blood sugar and distinguish it from urine causes dehydration, weight loss body. Also derived from the body of potassium and sodium.


The fact that birds may be diabetes, wrote in the early XX century professor A.N.Makarevskiy: "Can there be a bird disease mocheiznureniya, or simple sugar, it is hard to say, but ... sometimes the birds start to allocate a lot of urine. This state of poly-Urijah I watched a parrot ... "
pancreas-Diabetes mellitus in animal
Diabetes mellitus was defined for the first time in 1971, wild pigeon, who lived in captivity in Germany.Through five years, the disease was found in five budgerigars in the United States.One of them, a male, was three years old. Parrot owners who brought him to the clinic, said that he was drinking a lot and it was diarrhea.To remove the bird from diarrhea, she was prescribed antibiotics. After six weeks of treatment, diarrhea is not stopped. However parrot felt good, was lively. But then became grim.He again brought to the clinic. Feathers were ruffled at him, his eyes half-closed. Liquid discharge now dripped constantly. It turned out that they contain glucose.parrot decided to treat the method used at the time to treat wild pigeon
Type-2-Diabetes- Diabetes mellitus in animal
However, soon concluded that for treatment to the end will be virtually impossible: too small birds. And it lulled Blood samples from the heart, taken at autopsy showed that glucose it is much more the norm. Liver parrot was pale brown and enlarged, with areas of dead cells, pancreas - rebirth.
Diabetes mellitus in animal


Birds with diabetes, give tincture of ginseng, bilberry extract leaves, berries, cranberries, fresh juice with strawberries, boiled nettle leaves.
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