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blood in urine in dog, the presence of blood in the urine is a serious symptom, blood mixed with urine

blood in urine in dog, the presence of blood in the urine is a serious symptom, blood mixed with urine 
blood in urine in dog, the presence of blood in the urine is a serious symptom, blood mixed with urine 

In the period of estrus or recently oschenyvsheysya bitches is quite normal blood discharge from the vulva, which is mixed with urine. In all other cases, the presence of blood in the urine is a serious symptom

so as to quickly contact a veterinarian

system of urinary of dog

1-Take the doctor urine sample, since it is difficult to convince the dog to perform urinating in the waiting room.
2-Make sure that in all cases where the bitch produces urination, blood in the urine is present.
3-Try to see the blood coming out of the first or the last portion of urine or blood usually mixed with urine.
urethra in dog
4-Observe whether the dog difficulty urinating, and this process is accompanied by pain before, during or after the release of urine.Blood in the urine appears cystitis, leptospirosis, poisoning with warfarin (see index pointer). Other possible causes include: tumors and tumors in the urinary and genital tract (a rare occurrence);damage to the urinary or genital tract, caused by trauma, which often cause traffic accidents; stones in the bladder.

In the dog is the allocation of the phallus or vulva (or she too licks his genitals)

It is normal in the presence of dogs small whitish mucous secretions from the penis. In young females often also a discharge from the vulva.For dogs of both sexes is the norm to pay attention to cleanliness in the genitals. Much attention is paid vulva bitches during estrus, and after being oschenytysya. Dogs can no longer lick their genitals after mating.
Excessive amount of discharge, odor, presence on the genitals of any injuries or excessive 
licking them are abnormal. Therefore, these dogs need to be shown a veterinarian, who will be able to diagnose. The reason for this behavior in dogs is the inability of the phallus back to its original position after mating. This problem can handle without host doctor.
Your action Bathe phallus cold water, spread Vaseline, hand cream or something similar 
slowly pull the foreskin forward over the top of the phallus when it reduced in size. If this situation continues, then contact your veterinarian. Avoid use after mating disinfectants.


abundant discharge from the vulva may occur in case unhealed pyometra. If the bitch a few weeks after estrus is acrid smell bad selection, then immediately call for veterinary assistance.


urethra in dog,  urine in dog
It is important to establish whether the appearance of the symptoms associated with the latter case using dogs for mating. Before you say that dog never paruvavsya on bitch, think about whether he had no opportunity to escape and mate on the side.


urethra in bitches, urine in bitches
Veterinarian will want to know the date of the last estrus in bitches, whether it was normal to pay attention to it dogs.
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