Friday, January 4, 2013

anesthesia animals, Local and general anesthesia animals

 In veterinary medicine and surgery, there are two types of anesthesia - local and general (anesthesia).There are three types of local anesthesia: superficial, infiltration and conduction (regionarny).
anesthesia animals

Surface (terminal) anesthesia causes loss of sensitivity of the skin, mucous, serous, synovial membranes.Anesthetic in these cases applied to their surface.
Infiltration anesthesia provides layered tissue bath in a solution of novocaine 0.25 -0.5% concentration that causes loss of sensation deeper layers.
Conduction (regional) anesthesia allows in summing up the anesthetic solution to numb the nerve trunks zone of innervation.

With injection of novocaine solution to the intervertebral holes where breaking the segmental nerves carry the so-called paravertebralnuyu anesthesia.
When paralyumbalnoy anesthetic novocaine solution injected at the end transverse costal processes of the lumbar vertebrae. A variety of conduction anesthesia is spinal (lumbar, subarachnoid) anesthesia, and the anesthetic solution is injected into the subarachnoid space.
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