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Veterinary Dictionary, veterinary online

Veterinary Dictionary, veterinary online
Veterinary Dictionary, veterinary online

Administrative Quality Management

Aspects of general management function that determine the quality policy, including liability.Within a single administrative management system is carried out by quality planning, quality control and quality assurance.


executive and administrative body that manages within its rights and powers on the upper level.


a procedure by which an authoritative body formally recognizes Eligibility person or body to carry out specific work. Accreditation must be specially authorized accreditation body within the rules (system accreditation).

Accreditation analytical (measurement) lab (center)

recognition of technical competence laboratory (center), the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the issuance of the certificate of accreditation for the right area of ​​the measurement of certain parameters (air, water, compressed gases, steam, etc.), using certified measuring methods and measuring instruments that have been calibrated and calibration.

Accreditation system

formal recognition of the competence of enterprise, organization or business unit in the works in the prescribed area of ​​accreditation.

Accreditation control (testing) laboratory (center)

recognition of technical competence laboratory (center) with the provision of the law work for the quality control of medicines in the declared field of accreditation and issuing protocol analysis for certification purposes. Laboratory (Center) can be subdivision of the enterprise or organization.


formally exact requirements, rules that determine the content and sequence of operations to ensure optimal and correct solution to the problem. In the manufacture of medicines alhorytmizovani systems are used widely and are of great importance. Examples are standard production instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs).Angra see the bulk product.

Pharmacy Veterinary

an organization that provides retail drugs. It can produce drugs (LoA) for recipes.

Laboratory institution

an organization that provides retail drugs, manufacture and supply of medicines in accordance with the Law "On medicines". In pharmacies are pharmacy items, chemist shops and pharmacy.


an official document confirming the status of something.a document certifying that the laboratory (center), the body (center) certification medicines accredited in due course.

Certification (validation)

proof that the method, process, equipment, material, operation or system meets those requirements and their use really gives the expected results.

Certification (qualification)

documentary research process used by the manufacturer of drugs to ensure the reliability and properties of equipment and / or process that is carried out for them.

Certification (qualification) operational

check the reliability of the system under real operating for a long time. Documentary evidence that a system or subsystem is operating in accordance with these requirements in all specified operating conditions and are able to consistently perform its functions.

Certification of the production of veterinary drugs

complex evaluation procedures to determine the level of legitimacy and the ability of companies to produce products that meet applicable regulations.


a drug that has passed all stages of the process, except for filling and final packaging.

Security products, processes of production, storage, transportation, sale and disposal (hereinafter - Security) 

a condition in which there is no unacceptable risk of harm to the life or health of citizens, property of individuals and legal entities, state and municipal property , environment, life or health of animals and plants. 

Biological Industry 

system of scientific and industrial institutions involved in the development, manufacture and production of biological products. Enterprises biological industries also produce biological products for medical purposes: dry vaccine against brucellosis, immune serum against anthrax gamma globulin of serum natural gastric juice, etc.


agents used for the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of infectious animal diseases, as well as to enhance their performance.


Documented effect, confirming that used in research or production methods, equipment, raw materials, processes actually lead to the expected results in accordance with existing regulations.

Veterinary drugs

Veterinary drugs
substances of animal, vegetable or synthetic origin, intended to prevent, diagnose, treat diseases, increase their productivity, Disinfection and disinfestation and dezakaryzatsiyi and also used as a means of perfumes or cosmetics for animals.

Reproduced drug

drug that is similar to the original product and came into circulation after the expiration of exclusive patent rights to the original drug.


substances of organic or inorganic nature, which is used in the production of finished dosage forms to give them the required properties. List of excipients great. Depending on the dosage form can be a substance that increases the viscosity, surfactants and buffer, korrihenty, preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, Rippers, moving, etc.

Active ingredient (DV)

biologically active portion drugs.

Dzhenerik (Latin Generation - born generation)

synonymous with "reproducible drugs."


a generalized concept that covers mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, Racó
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